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Good Quality Paint Correction Service in Opelousas, LA

Regular detailing is one of the keys to having a beautiful and elegant car that will last for years. However, keeping up with a car detailing schedule isn’t a walk in the park, which is why it’s ideal to call professionals like All In The Details. We are based in Opelousas, LA, and we provide reliable auto detailing services to our customers. Book an appointment with us now!

What Our Team Has to Offer

Full Interior Detailing
We offer a full car interior detailing service, and we can give your vehicle interior a good clean and make it look, smell, and feel like new. Learn more about our interior detailing solutions by calling us today!
Full Exterior Detailing
Your vehicle is exposed to the elements, so it’s important to properly maintain its exterior and ensure that it receives the care that it needs. Don’t worry since we can help you with your car exterior detailing needs.
Seat Care
Do your car seats look the worse for wear? Get in touch with us! We offer seat shampooing, stain removal, and fabric restoration, and we can bring your car seats back to excellent condition and extend their lifespan.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction
Paint imperfections can make your vehicle look old and tired. Fortunately, removing them can be easy if you’ll hire our paint correction experts, who will restore your car paint and make it smooth and shiny again.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating
Ceramic coating is a great way to protect your car from harmful environmental factors. Our team can assist you with leather ceramic coating and glass ceramic coating applications to keep your car in great shape.

Clay Bar Treatment

Clay Bar Treatment
Clay bars can remove brake dust, road grit, and other contaminants that plain soap and water can’t. Through clay bar treatments, you’ll make your car look cleaner and feel smoother while protecting it from damage.
Headlight Restoration
Headlight lens can get cloudy and yellow as time goes by. The good news is that you can make them clear and beautiful again through our headlight restoration services. Schedule an appointment with our experts today!

Why Should You Hire Professional Detailers?

You can choose to detail your car all by yourself, but it can be a huge challenge since it requires special tools and equipment along with advanced skills and lots of time. So, if you don’t have the right car detailing tools, or if you’re free time is always limited, your best option is to call experts like us. By using our car detailing service, you’ll keep your car in mint condition and ensure that it’s always elegant and attractive. Of course, you’ll save time and effort since our detailing specialists will take care of everything and leave you with nothing to worry about.

Professional Auto Detailing in Opelousas, LA

How We Deliver Our Detailing Solutions

At All In The Details, our team uses high-quality detailing products that are formulated to gently remove dust, dirt, stains, and more and provide top-notch protection to car surfaces. We also use advanced techniques and tools to detail cars of all shapes and sizes, create world-class results for our customers, and give them excellent value for money.

The Areas That We Serve

Our team is based in Opelousas, LA, but we don’t just offer our reliable detailing solutions to local car owners! We also assist customers in the surrounding towns and cities, which include the following:

  • Leonville Town, LA
  • Carencro, LA
  • Scott, LA
  • Breaux Bridge, LA
  • Church Point Town, LA

Car Seat Shampooing in Opelousas, LA

All In The Details should be your first port of call if you need professional auto detailing services in Opelousas, LA. Contact our expert detailers today and schedule your appointment!

Client’s Testimonial

Aug 12, 2021
by Dena Carter on All In The Details
They're Always Reliable

I have been using their car exterior detailing services for a couple of years and they always do an amazing job. My car looks and fees great after each detailing!

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Rodrigo Combs
Rodrigo Combs
The customer service was amazing! I was on the phone with them for hours, which is something I've never experienced before. They were very friendly and helpful, and they gave me a lot of information about auto detailing.
سوسو العبادي
سوسو العبادي
The best auto detailing shop! Technicians are very polite and attentive. I am so satisfied with their ceramic coating service. Highly recommended!

Complete Mobile Detailing in Opelousas, LA

All In The Details
Opelousas, LA 70570
Phone: (337) 279-7992

  • Full Interior Detailing
  • Full Exterior Detailing
  • Seat Shampooing
  • Stain Removal
  • Fabric Restoration
  • Paint Correction
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Leather Ceramic Coating
  • Glass Ceramic Coating
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Headlight Restoration

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